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Today one of the most actual problems in the context of implementation of interaction of the state and society is creation projects in the virtual environment the Internet: electronic government (EGovernment) and electronic control by the state and public processes (EGovernance).

The electronic government is usually understood as such method of provision of that had already created set of the state services to citizens, business structures in case of which personal interaction between the state and the applicant is minimized at the expense of the greatest possible use of existing information communication technologies.

The aim of this article is analysis historical progress of the Electronic Ukraine project and to determine its role in creation open relations between the authority and society.

Relevance of the subject is in the following:

1. Implementation of the Electronic Ukraine project will raise the level of transparency of the state services; will abate the level of corruption and, as a result to increase efficiency of public administration at all levels of executive power.

2. Implementation of the Electronic Ukraine project opens new opportunities for communication between the nominal government and real society and as a result promotes increasing the level of trust by citizens to all branches of the government and government as a whole.

In independent Ukraine was accepted a number of the documents directed on formation of information society: "The national program of information"; (1998), the decree of the President of Ukraine " About measures to development national component of the global information Internet and ensuring broad access to this network in Ukraine " (2000), the Law "About Electronic Documents and Electronic Document Flow" (2003) (Про електронні документи та електронний документообіг: Закон України від 31 травня 2005 // Відомості Верховної Ради України. – 2005. - N 26. - Ст. 349.), the Law "About the Basic principles of development of information society in Ukraine on 2007 - 2015гг.", the decree "About carrying out electronic consultations with the public on a site "Civil Society and Power" (Ministry of Justice, 2009), the Resolution "About the Statement of the Order of Involvement of Citizens to Formation and Realization of a State Policy" (Ministry, 2010) (Про Основні засади розвитку інформаційного суспільства в Україні на 2007-2015 роки: Закон України від 9 січня 2007 // Відомості Верховної Ради України. – 2007. - N 12. - Ст. 102).

However, despite adoption of the listed acts, implementation of the project of the electronic government in Ukraine moves very slowly. Today more than 30% of authorities have own web resources, however the level of their filling and quality of submission of information, and also interactivity of rendering services remains to the population at a low level. Besides, on the vast majority of them don’t have the authentication, allowing bilateral exchange of information between citizens and the government structures.

Besides, it should be noted lack of a uniform web portal for access to all variety of the government services. According to the last data - Ukraine takes the 54th place by the level of development of the electronic government (Баранов А. Электронное правительство в Украине? Будет! Когда? // Зеркало недели. – 2002. – № 1.).

Unfortunately, Ukraine is at an initial stage of formation of legal interaction of the electronic government: on the one hand there is not developed system of interaction of the power and society which demands immediate reforming for ensuring high-quality functioning of the state, on the other hand the attempt of introduction of the electronic government are reduced to power monitoring behind the population. The Electronic government has to be as the instrument of achievement of the objectives of the administrative reform, capable to modernize all control system of the government.

For achievement these goals of the electronic government and, as a result, ensuring its effective functioning in Ukraine, it is necessary to provide:

1. Creation regional network public points of access to resources of the electronic government.

2. To automate interaction between public institutions of different profiles and levels.

3. To create the most transparent and economic scheme of relationship (the government - business) and (the government - citizens).

4. To create "electronic alternative" of physical and legal entities: possibility of registration, licensing, certification, taxation, elections, carrying out payments and many others.

5. To introduce systems of electronic document flow and a digital signature on the basis of the current legislation.

Implementation of proposed regulations of the electronic government in Ukraine will provide high-quality changes not only in the interaction of the government and society, but also in the Ukraine domination on the Eurasian space.

Source: Author's publication with S.B. Razdorozhnaya

Published: 15.06.2013

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